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i guess i'm not really posting here anymore, mostly because i'm too goddamn lazy.
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"The Joy That Is The Library"
Title: The Joy That Is The Library
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Cas
Genre: AU
Warnings: N/A
Rating: PG
Prompts Used: Librarian!Cas
Summary: A very brief history of Dean Winchester and the very cute librarian he meets on a whim.

The carpet reminds Dean of a desert...Collapse )

"Thirty-eight-point-six" -- 2

Read more...Collapse )

Title: Thirty-eight-point-six
Author: tacotheshark
Fandom: My Life In Film
Pairing: Art/Jones 
Word Count: 20,582
Genre: Angst
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Chronic illness, character death
Summary: Everyone reacts differently when struck by tragedy. Some people deny, repress the truth. Some come to terms with it fairly easily, even as it continues to eat them up from the inside. Some can overreact; blow it up with theories and scenarios because for whatever reason their person isn’t the sort to leave a thing alone.
When Jones becomes chronically ill, Art ends up doing all three of these things.

They say you're supposed to feel numb.Collapse )

"Oceanic" - Part III: Oceanic
Oceanic - Part III: Oceanic

...Collapse )

"Oceanic" - Part II: Normal
Oceanic - Part II: Normal

...Collapse )

"Oceanic" - Part I: Tired
Oceanic - Part I: Tired

...Collapse )

Title: Oceanic
Author: tacotheshark
Artist: tawg
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Fic warnings: Light gore, character death
Art warnings: Eyeballs
Pairings (in order of relevance): Castiel/Balthazar, John/Mary, Bobby/Ellen, Sam/Dean, Gabriel/Balthazar (very minor), Jo/Chuck
Characters: Balthazar, Castiel, John, Mary, Bobby, Ellen, Sam, Dean, Gabriel, Jo, Chuck 
Summary: (Future, human!AU) There is a man, who works in a factory—though, so much more than that, he would say, but really not much more at all Balthazar would think, because after all that is exactly what it is: a factory. Even when it produces not product but heart, mind, skin and bone and nerve. Even when never it has had the slightest problem with murder in the interest of its raw materials.
And there is a man, who works not in a factory but lives, heavy, on a certain one’s radar. Whose deep blue eyes look infused with the ocean itself, whose tan trench coat hangs loosely off his shoulders as he goes about his days with strength that fleets him.
So—what happens, when a worker takes interest in lovely lapis eyes, takes with them to a bond as strong as that of a tongue melded to its frozen metal pole—what happens, when those eyes are wanted, hunted for an experiment, and the two have no choice but to run?
First off, I'd like to thank the Balthazar Mini Bang, for which this fic was written, and everyone who worked on it, for a) making this fic and art possible, and b) introducing me to the idea of bangs which I will most definitely be doing again in the future.
And of course, thanks to my lovely artist tawg, who may be a bit genius or perhaps more than just a bit, as her banners and fanmix could not fit my fic more perfectly, and she quenched completely any doubts I may have had about doing this mini bang.

Supernatural | Samifer | NC-17 | Warning: Non-Con |  Spoilers: 7x17, The Born-Again Identity
Summary: Sam is violated, used by the devil, crossed by his own mind as he lies alone in a bed that isn't his in the hospital's psychiatric ward.

Sam's muscles are bungee cords...Collapse )

5 Sherlock Kink Meme Fills: 3 Untitled, Surprise, Best Boyfriend Ever
Prompt: Moriarty is a Leviathan.
Fill: Untitled
(This is old, I don't know why I'm only posting it here now.)

Prompt: Jim/John/Sherlock morning after fluff.
Minifill: Untitled

Prompt: Sebastian/Jim phone sex.
Fill: Untitled - click the link above, it's at the bottom. I can't link the whole thing because there are multiple parts. (NC-17)

Prompt: Moran is the best boyfriend ever.
Fill: Best Boyfriend Ever

Prompt: The ending of St. Elsewhere.
Fill: Surprise


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